Brazilian company, located in Ceará, turned to the cultivation and trade of marine shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. Production began in mid-2006 to meet the demands of the domestic and foreign markets with a focus on quality and environmental sustainability. 
The Bomar has three farms in shrimp farms, totaling 350 acres of active nurseries and a 3.000 Ton. annual marine shrimp, generating approximately 320 jobs on farms and 220 more jobs in the industry. 

Bomar's work is to transform your day-to-day in a tasty and amazing experience. For this, we are attentive to every detail, since the selection, through a rigorous quality control and hygiene, to transportation logistics, ensuring you always get a fresh product on your desk. Therefore, when buying fish, either for family or friends, at lunch or dinner, buy the best. Buy Bomar.

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The Bomar cares about preserving the environment. To reduce the bacterial load of effluents, _use_ probiotics, performing a treatment of 48 h in the water for it to be returned to the clean and healthy environment.


The Bomar shrimp has its origin at the farm of crops and is despescado using fishing type "bagnet" network behaves in draining the ponds, when performing a partial emptying of the nursery. Shrimp after despescados are packed in plastic boxes, then suffer a thermal shock in ice water. After this step, the shrimp are packed in plastic boxes with ice and stowed in these isothermal to be transported to the processing industry trucks. 
The product has a storage temperature of around 0 ° C to 5 °.


In the refrigerator, the raw material is unloaded and weighed; samples are taken for sensory and temperature as well as for research of heavy metals, pesticides, veterinary drugs and pathogenic bacteria. Prawns, after the initial assessment, are placed in the tank separator for ice then undergo a wash with cold water and chlorinated to 5 ppm free residual chlorine under pressure.



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